‘The Mindy Project’ Recap: ‘The Desert’

By Sara Porch ,

If you didn’t watch last night’s episode of The Mindy Project, stop whatever you’re doing and watch it now. I don’t care if you’re swamped with work or need to study or have to volunteer at your local clinic. Trust me, this is more important.

This week’s episode opened with two of my favorite images: Rhett Butler embracing a blushing Scarlett O’Hara and Mindy chugging a bottle of wine. Heartbroken after her sudden breakup with Cliff, Mindy took a cue from everyone’s favorite southern heroine and decided to win her man back.

Before she could return to New York, Danny kidnapped Mindy and brought her along to meet his estranged dad. Rather than a warm reunion with his father, Danny drove two hours just to punch his dad in the face. The knockout, fortunately, never was, because Danny Castellano was greeted at the door by Danny Castellano, his half sister.

Soon after big Danny met little Danny, their father came to the door. Alan Castellano was no longer the runaway family man that Danny knew him to be. Instead, he was a loving husband and doting dad. In fact, he was now the father Danny always wanted but never had—and this killed him.

A beer-guzzling Danny got lost in the desert and called Mindy to find him. Once an annoyed Mindy caught up with a drunk Danny, they began a heated argument that matched the surrounding desert.

Danny criticized Mindy for chasing after Cliff as if her life was a movie. His harsh words were met by Mindy’s even harsher evaluation of Danny’s character. “You’re mean and you are selfish and you’re just like your dad...you’re worse than your dad, because your dad changed.”

Hearing these two characters rip so viciously into one another was the most dramatic scene the series has ever attempted. It was an uncommon tone for The Mindy Project to take, but it was refreshing to see that this show can pull of more than just fat jokes and Sex and the City references.

Eventually, Danny and Mindy made their way out of the desert and back to Danny’s long lost family. Although the scars from the past won’t disappear overnight, the Castellano men talked out their problems and left on good terms.

Finally on their flight home, Mindy and Danny apologized for their actions in the desert. Mindy then wrote an email to Cliff at the advice of little Danny and with the help of big Danny. Who knew the New York tough guy could write such romantic words?



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