‘The Mindy Project’ Recap: ‘L.A.’

By Sara Porch ,

There was no “To be continued.” at the end of last night’s episode, but my goodness, there should have been. I already can’t wait for next Tuesday, but in the mean time, let’s get to the recap!

Shullman & Associates (minus Jeremy and plus Morgan) flew over to Los Angeles this week to get their cosmetic injection certifications. Before leaving for the trip, Mindy talked with Cliff about moving in together, since his building is being refurbished into an asbestos museum. Cliff gave Mindy the dreaded “I’ll think about it,” and off to L.A. she went.

Although Mindy was waxed and ready for Los Angeles, Danny was more hesitant. His estranged father lives in town, and he was scared of running into him. He decided to stay in and enjoy the amenities of his hotel rather than risk seeing his father.

While Danny looked at the inside of his hotel room walls, Mindy and Peter did some trendy L.A. shopping. Peter found some sneakers with naked women on them (is this a real thing?!), and Mindy found her ex-fiancé Casey.

After an awkward hug, the two caught up. Casey owns his own shoe store, lives in a beach house, had an adult growth spurt, and is playing the lead in Back to the Future IV. (Okay, I made up that last one, but the orange vest he wore made him look exactly like Marty McFly.) Casey seemed to be doing great, so great that he invited Mindy to a pool party to promote a new line of shoes. If you don’t smell trouble at this point, you should.

In his only real plot point of the episode, Peter tried to woo Maria Menounos on TV. His plan was to give her a necklace and tell her he loved her. What happened was he found out she was in Hawaii with her boyfriend and got tackled by a security guard.

To cheer Peter up after his disastrous night, Mindy invited him to Casey’s party. While on the phone with Cliff, Mindy, the good girlfriend that she is, told him about Casey. Considering the circumstances, he reacted pretty well, but asked her to not see her ex. Mindy, the foolish girlfriend that she is, lied by omission and went to the party any. Smell trouble now?

Morgan eventually coaxed/forced Danny out of his room and onto a tour of old western movie sets. Just when New York proud Danny was about to crack a smile in sunny California, Morgan revealed that he arranged for Danny to have dinner with his father. Danny then became extremely angry and left Morgan alone in the (faux) Wild West.

At the release party, Peter showed up ready to hit on models, while Mindy showed up ready to avoid Casey. Both succeeded too, for a time.

Just as Peter was about to enter a closed tent full of models and a cast member from Entourage, Morgan texted him and asked to crash at his hotel. Ever the bro, Peter left the party to help out his friend and wasn’t abled to return for the rest of the night. Morgan and Peter’s story line abruptly ended here, but with the other twists in the last few minutes of the episode, it didn’t really bother me.

After one Kevin Smith cameo and several successful attempts at dodging Casey, Mindy took a dip in the overly blue-lit pool. To Mindy’s dismay, Casey joined her for a swim...naked. Keeping a platonic distance (or as platonic a distance can be, when one party is naked), Mindy explained that she was happy with her boyfriend and left.

In a less lavish part of L.A., Danny sat with his most furrowed brow and a phone in hand. After what seemed like an hour of conflicted silence, Danny finally called his father. He revealed who he was, and the scene ended. Is it next week yet???

Finally Mindy returned to her hotel and called Cliff. In the most romantic speech to use the word veal, Mindy told him that she doesn’t care if they move in together. She just wants to be with him. Unfortunately, Cliff was ready to take the leap and move in, but he saw a picture of Mindy and Casey in the pool together (apparently there are photographers at shoe premiere parties). Cliff said he couldn’t trust her and ended things. Of course, a panicked Mindy explained that nothing happened, but it didn’t matter. Cliff hung up, leaving Mindy alone and reeling.

What did you think of the episode? Were you expecting such a dramatic ending? Comment below!

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