Missing Australian boy attacked by crocodile

By Morgan Cox,

Police have been searching since Monday for a missing 12 year old Australian boy who is believed to have been taken by a crocodile.

The incident occurred in Kakadu National Park. According to NY Daily News, the park has posted signs to warn visitors of the dangers of swimming due to the population of crocodiles.

Just minutes before the boy was snatched, a friend of his was also attacked. Luckily, the friend was able to fight off the crocodile and only suffered injuries to his right arm and left elbow.

According to Yahoo! News the crocodile population has expanded since a federal law was placed in 1971 for the protection of the species.

A local Constable said that the crocodile was at least 10 feet long and if it had been any larger it would not have been possible for the first child to have escaped the animal.

Authorities, as well as park rangers, are still on the look out for the crocodile and the missing boy.



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