Morgan Freeman talks 'The Lego Movie,' God and hot topics

By Amy Michura,

On Jan. 28, Morgan Freeman sat down with The Daily Beast to discuss a variety of topics, including upcoming film, The Lego Movie, God and more.

During the interview, Freeman was asked what prompted him to participate in The Lego Movie as he has played some legendary movie roles and can be seen, at this point, as a “Hollywood legend.”

Freeman denied the “Hollywood legend” status saying, “Well, it’s a misapprehension that I’m at some point where I can do whatever I feel like doing…I’m like all other actors in that I’m always looking for work.” In regard to The Lego Movie Freeman said that he had received a call from the studio who asked him if he would participate, and he agreed.

Freeman has played a large variety of roles through the course of his years on the movie screen. One role he has not played, which he would like to, is Satan.

“After God, I think I should play Satan,” he said. “I think that God and the Devil are one. They’re not one in the same, but they’re in the same body, and it depends on which one of them surfaces.” Freeman explained that people all have a part of God and Satan within them.

Freeman will be releasing seven films this year.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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