Morrissey working on new music and novel

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Steven Morrissey, better known as just Morrissey, recently announced his plans for 2014 during a long fan Q&A. The singer revealed that his plans include more new music for fans and that he is working on an upcoming novel.

Morrissey discussed his plans online and explained why he is moving forward with more writing in this current year.

"In 2013, I published my Autobiography and it has been more successful than any record I have ever released, so, yes, I am midway through my novel," said Morrissey.

Rolling Stone reported that the singer was also very open with his criticisms regarding the pop music industry. Morrissey claimed that radio would not play his music and that the top of the charts is taken over by artists who receive radio airplay.

Time reported that in the Q&A, Morrissey also talked about a new album that he was working on. The new album would feature the single, "Istanbul." Morrissey spoke about the song during his Q&A.

"We are about to record our new album, and one of the tracks is called ‘Istanbul,'" he said. "It is second to Rome as my most favorite city in the world. When I’m in Istanbul I feel as if I could never die. My life is matched.”

image: Wikimedia Commons



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