Most of Congress are millionaires, analysis finds

By Kyle Johnson,

An analysis done of the members of Congress finds that more than half of them are now millionaires.

The analysis was done by the Center for Responsive Politics, which found that at least 268 members of Congress are worth over $1 million as of 2012. The group used personal financial disclosure data to come up with the numbers.

Of the 530 current members in Congress still in office, the median net worth was $1,008,767 back when they had to disclose their worth in 2012.

The Center executive director Sheila Krumholz said, "Despite the fact that polls show how dissatisfied Americans are with Congress overall, there's been no change in our appetite to elect affluent politicians to represent our concerns in Washington."

According to CNN, with an average net worth of $464 million, California Republican Representative Darrell Issa is the most wealthy member of Congress.

Not all are so well off as some members of Congress are actually in debt, with California Republican Representative David Valadao owing $12.1 million stemming from loans to his family dairy farm. Florida Democrat Representative Alcee Hastings also is millions in debt because of legal bills due to having to go to court over being charged of taking a bribe when he was a judge in the 1980s.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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