Mother finds that a convicted felon swapped his own sperm 21 years ago

By Amanda Stewart,

A family who used a Salt Lake City area fertility clinic recently found that their daughter’s biological father is a convicted criminal who swapped his sperm sample with their's over 20 years ago.

The family wished to remain anonymous and used aliases: Paul, Jeff and Ashley. CeCe Moore aided the parents in finding a fertility clinic that would suit their needs, according to ABC News.

When the paternity test was returned, the results did not show a biological match between Jeff and Ashley, but instead between a man named Thomas Lippert and Ashley. Lippert was in jail for two years after being charged with kidnapping and died in 1999.

"I felt my stomach just drop," Paula said. "When I called my daughter and my husband's DNA up next to one another they didn't share any DNA at all, and I just thought to myself, 'oh my God.’”

According to the Telegraph Paula recalls seeing Lippert at the front desk 21 years ago.

"He seemed friendly and was very proud of all those pictures. Almost seemed like a brag board up there," Paula told KUTV. "All those photos of the babies that he was so proud of, I thought 'Oh my God, how many of those are his biological children?'"

The family, along with Moore, are urging other people in the Salt Lake area who used the fertility clinic to get their children paternity tested.

"Several said last night through email that they were clients there and were really worried. Hopefully this is an isolated case, but we just don't know," Moore said.



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