NBC teases Jimmy Fallon on 'Tonight Show,' Seth Meyers' transition from 'SNL' to 'Late Night' (Videos)

By Daniel S Levine,

NBC is getting viewers prepared for an all new late night. The network released a promo for Jimmy Fallon, who is taking over the Tonight Show from Jay Leno and another ad for Seth Meyers’ transition from Saturday Night Live to Late Night.

Fallon’s promo debuted over the weekend, during the NFL playoffs on NBC. The network also aired a two-hour special, introducing audiences unfamiliar with the SNL alum’s humor to Fallon. The Tonight Show is getting a full makeover that goes beyond the new logo, since Fallon is taking it back to New York.

The first promo features NBC going through the Tonight Show’s history and even includes a mention of Conan O’Brien, who briefly hosted the last time Leno was replaced.

In a really short, 35-second spot for Meyers, the anchor of SNL’s Weekend Update shows how all he has to do is walk down a corridor to see his new studio. Unfortunately, it isn’t as finished as he thought.

Meyers landed on the cover of Time Magazine’s first issue of 2014. Viewers can expect “more authors, politicians and explainers” compared to other late night shows, Meyers and producer Mike Shoemaker told the magazine.

Fallon’s Tonight Show debut is set for Feb. 17, while Meyers makes his late night TV debut on Feb. 24.

image: YouTube screenshot



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