'NCIS' Recap: 'Double Back' 01/14/2014

By Elizabeth Learned,

The latest episode of NCIS begins with a summary of what happened in the previous episode. A cliffhanger saw the team hunting down suspected terrorist Benham Parsa, who sought revenge for losing his compound in Pakistan by attacking the counterterrorist groups who had been hunting him for years. Attending the Conrad Gala, McGee steps out to hear Tony tell him Parsa has sent a drone to attack the building, just as it explodes. The summary ends with Tony telling the team Tim is okay, while Gibbs puts Ellie to work in finding Parsa.

Photo Courtesy of Trae Patton/CBS

When the episode begins, we see patients in the hospital, with doctors and nurses rushing to help. McGee steps off the elevator and other than a wound on his eyebrow and cheek, he is okay. He goes to see his girlfriend, who is weak and on oxygen. McGee tells Delilah about the explosion and that six people were killed with 22 wounded. Delilah asks if he got Parsa, but before he can answer, she loses consciousness and doctors and nurses rush her back into surgery.

Tony and Ellie are in the squad room. Tony is lamenting about wanting to do something to help Tim, while Ellie is trying to work. She is trying to find a link between new information and information already stored in her brain, but is coming up empty. They go back and forth trying to figure out if Parsa will run back to Pakistan or pretend to run. Ellie apologizes for talking so fast when Gibbs walks over to his desk.

Gibbs and Ellie go over information regarding the alley shooting from the previous episode, figuring the surviving bodyguard didn't know anything and was a hired gun for Parsa. They don't have any hits on the BOLO regarding the getaway car Parsa escaped in. Gibbs tells Ellie and Tony to grab their gear. They are going to look for a bullet.

At the alley crime scene, Gibbs is looking around as Tony and Ellie watch. They are looking for the bullet since it grazed the driver of the getaway car Parsa got into, so it could have DNA on it. Ellie asks how Tony figured that out, to which Tony tells her she'll understand Gibb's grunts eventually.

Gibbs holds up two fingers in the shape of a gun toward the wall behind Ellie and Tony. He pictures the shooting and has Ellie point a laser toward the wall so he can find the bullet. Tony mentions McGee and wanting to make him a casserole or pork chops. Gibbs asks if Tony talked to him, which he replies only through texts. They examine the wall and Ellie asks if they found anything. They find a round bullet hole.



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