The Neighbourhood debuts new song ‘Lurk’

By Elaine Alluin ,

During their performance at CBS’s Grammy Gig of a Lifetime at Club Nokia, Southern California indie rock band, The Neighbourhood, debuted their new song “Lurk.” The crowd was extremely pleased and responsive with yelling and cheering.

“Lurk” starts off with tattooed frontman Jesse Rutherford singing, “This is the beat that makes your mother cry.” The song sticks to their sensual, dark and moody vibe that the band is known for.

The release date for their new album The Black and the White has yet to be announced. The new album will feature the newest member of the group, Riff Raff (also known as Jody Highroller).

The Neighbourhood reached phenomenal success and climbed the music charts with their hit singles “Sweater Weather” and “Afraid” from their debut album I Love You.

Guitarist Zach Abels told Radio.com how their hit single “Sweater Weather” was created.

“One day Jesse was at my house and I was playing guitar and he said, ‘Hey that’s pretty cool, let me record that.’ And it just so happened to be ‘Sweater Weather.’ When we got done writing the song, when it was all said and done we were like ‘Okay this is pretty good we should keep writing songs.'"

Rutherford went on to say, “I think ‘Sweater Weather’ might’ve been the best song we’d ever written but I didn’t think it was going to be the best song we’d ever write. It was kind of like getting a Platinum record, like a little tap on the butt. ‘Good job, keep going.’”

With the new album in the works of being released and touring, The Neighbourhood is still left in a rut with finding a new drummer. KROQ reported that drummer Bryan 'Olivver' Sammis and the band parted ways.

There has been no clear reason for the separation or who will be the new drummer. With the unexpected news of Sammis leaving the band, there has been speculation of Riff Raff being the reason why he moved on.

The band wrote a few words about the split-up on their Tumblr saying they will miss playing music with Sammis and wish him the best in his future music endeavors.

Below is the performance of “Lurk,” let us know what you think.

Image: Courtesy of Amazon.



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