Neiman Marcus says 1.1 million credit cards likely compromised

By Kyle Johnson,

Neiman Marcus announced on Thursday that the hacking the clothing store discovered earlier in January has left nearly 1.1 million credit and debit cards compromised.

According to The Washington Post, Neiman Marcus said that about 2,400 credit cards have already been fraudulently used. Cards issued by the high-end retailer have not seen any fraudulent activity as of yet.

The hacking occurred in the latter half of 2013 between June and October. The hacking only affects customers who shopped in-store. Anyone who shopped online will be unaffected.

Neiman Marcus said that hackers used malware that was "clandestinely" installed on the retailer's store operating system, reports USA Today. The malware was designed to "scrape" card information from the system.

The intrusion was first detected in December and the company immediately informed law enforcement about a "criminal cyber-security intrusion." The malware has since been located and disabled.

Today notes that 2013 was a particularly bad year for data theft, with 740 million reported records being exposed.

Neiman Marcus said it is not sure whether the hacking that Target suffered during a short stretch during the holiday season is related.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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