Netflix CEO Reed Hastings set for a 50% pay raise in 2014

By Amanda Stewart,

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is set to have an annual salary of $3 million in 2014.

He will also receive a $3 million stock allowance this year, according to CNN. Just one year ago, Hastings’ annual salary was $2 million, but is increasing significantly because of the huge influx in revenue Netflix saw in 2013.

Netflix stock is now listed in Standard&Poor’s 500 and is listed as the best performing stock. It grew 300 percent in 2013.

The The Associated Press reported that shares in Netflix hit an all time high of $389.16 in October.

Other executives within the company have also received significant pay raises, although none of them as high as Hastings’.

Netflix plans to see another good year in revenue as well as stock prices that continue to soar, with a current market value of $21.7 billion.

Photo courtesy ofWikimedia Commons


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