‘New Girl’ Recap: 'Basketsball'

By Martina Maio,

In this week’s episode of New Girl, Jess is determined to build a meaningful friendship with Coach while Schmidt offers the career hungry Winston the opportunity to shadow him at work.

The episode begins with Jess and Coach returning home from the drugstore. Jess is excited about the outing, calling the two of them “Team Drugstore.” Her frustrations of the stagnant relationship between herself and Coach are clear, and she refers to him as a walnut that she is “unable to crack.” She then expresses how hurt she is by the fact that Coach referred to her as “his buddy’s girlfriend.”

Jess turns to Nick for some advice to get closer to Coach. Nick then informs her that the only thing that is important to Coach right now is basketball, particularly the Pistons.

Jess decides basketball is her way in, but Nick points out that she knows nothing about the sport, to which she refers to as “basketsballs.” Her reasoning behind the name being that the sport includes two baskets not just one. Despite her overall ignorance to the game of basketball, Jess is determined to use it to her advantage. “We watch a few games, we dig into each other’s pasts...” A tension is then brought to light when Nick reminds Jess that he is a Bulls fan who are the rival team to the Pistons.

Meanwhile, Schmidt brings Winston to work to give him a taste of the marketing business. On this particular day, Schmidt is in charge of showing the new guy around. It turns out Ed is an old man who was hired due to an ageism lawsuit.

Jess begins her master plan of friendship by asking Coach to watch the game with her. An overall unexcited Coach responds that it would be “cool to watch the game on the big T.V.” While Jess and Coach watch the game, it’s clear that she has no idea what is going on and basically mimics everything Coach says. The two of them start to engage in the “Pistons Butt Bump” and Jess is obviously excited.

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