New problems arise for ObamaCare

By Alicia Mayle,

As ObamaCare rolls in, the American people expected a few hiccups along the way. In the beginning, the health care website couldn't hold all the American people trying to sign up. This time, it’s the fact that insurers have no record of them.

These people are called healthcare insurance orphans. Insurers are trying to sort out the cases of where the government has record of them signing up, but the health care system does not.

According to the Associated Press, healthcare officials say that the problem is under control, however there are roughly 13,000 people in the loop. Insurance processors are worried that the problem will increase because of the new sign-ups from December.

There are other problems coming into play as well. Some people are getting the same identification number, as well as insurers having record of people, but the government does not.

According to The Boston Globe, the Massachusetts Health Connector, which runs the market place, has functioned so poorly that the state has given up trying to fix it.

Insurers say that if you have not received any information for your new healthcare package, to contact them first.



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