New rule proposed to make child car seats safer

By Michelle Kapusta,

The Obama administration is proposing new rules to make car seats safer for children.

According to the Associated Press, under the new regulations the government has proposed, child car seats would now have to protect children from death and injury in side-impact crashes.

The standards the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hopes to implement are for car seats designed for children weighing up to 40 pounds, the AP notes.

The NHTS believes that the new side protection would save about five lives a year and prevent dozens of injuries.

The Detroit News has reported that this new rule is not so new after all and has been in the making for several years. Congress sought rules to protect young children from side collisions in 2000 and has actually been testing child safety seats since 2003.

The new seats have to undergo more simulated testing before they are approved, but the proposal will get a warm reception from parents who believe the regulations are long overdue.



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