New twist has manifested in the San Diego murders of Ilona Flint and Salvatore Belvedere

By Alicia Mayle,

A new lead has manifested in the San Diego murders of 22-year-old Ilona Flint and Salvatore Belvedere, 22, her brother-in-law.

On the night of Christmas Eve, the bodies of Flint and Belvedere were found in the parking lot of the San Diego mall, Flint’s fiancé, Gianni Belvedere, 24, was not there. Flint called 911 in attempt to save their lives, however they died from their injuries.

This weekend a green Camry owned by Gianni Belvedere was found 100 miles away with a body inside the trunk. Gabby Alcarez said the “odor was so strong” when she passed by, so she called the cops.

Police have not identified the body, as of yet, however according to The Press Enterprise, the license plate, which was issued in Utah, matched the plate of Gianni’s green Camry, the missing man in the murder. An autopsy will be done sometime this week.

According to Good Morning America, Flint’s family released this statement to ABC News, “We consider Gianni Belvedere to be our son as much as the Belvederes consider Ilona to be their daughter. The Belvedere and Flint-Jones families thank the media for respecting our privacy during this difficult time.”



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