Newest 'Malificent' trailer unveiled at the Grammys

By Amanda Levine,

For some people, the Grammys were all about the epic musical performances and which celebrity diva was dressed the best. However, some fans, especially Disney fans, were anticipating the release of the newest trailer for the Malificent movie, starring Angelina Jolie, which is due to come out May 30.

The new trailer features the hauntingly chilling vocals of indie singer, Lana Del Ray, who during the length of the trailer, sings a cover of the “Once Upon a Dream” song from the original animated Sleeping Beauty.

The Los Angeles Times appreciated that the trailer featured a well known singer and artist (Del Ray) which fitted perfectly for the its unveiling at the Grammys.

Of course one can’t help but notice Jolie’s gorgeously evil looking interpretation of the wicked dragon-queen Malificent. Those big red lips and piercing cheekbones are the perfect look for adding a new seductive take on the evil witch.

Bleeding Cool also takes note of the scary tree monsters featured in the trailer, which isn’t as reminiscent to the original Sleeping Beauty as it is to the animated Snow White film.

image: Screenshot



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