Niagara Falls turns to winter wonderland after polar vortex

By Michelle Kapusta,

Contrary to online reports, Niagara Falls did not freeze over completely after the polar vortex, but portions did turn to ice, leaving behind a winter wonderland.

According to the Associated Press, a section of the American Falls did freeze over, but the Niagara River rapids and Horseshoe Falls continued to flow.

Tourism officials note that the falls do not normally freeze solid in the winter. Ontario's Niagara Parks tweeted a photo from 1890, which was the last time the falls were frozen solid.

The Los Angeles Times has reported that the ice and snow covered views are not expected to last as the temperature on Friday is supposed to be about 38 degrees.

Virginia Kuebler of East Aurora took in the sites on Thursday and told the local news that it was stunning. The summer months are the peak time that most tourist visit the Falls, so many missed seeing the wonderland in person, but online photos captured a majestic scene.


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