North Carolina man charged $89,227 to treat a snakebite

By Rebecca Walezak,

A man went into a North Carolina hospital to receive treatment for a snakebite and left with an astounding $89,227 bill.

Eric Ferguson, 54, was bit by a snake when he went to take out his garbage, and was rushed to the hospital. During his 18-hour visit, Ferguson was treated with a four-vial dose of anti-venom medication. While the hospital charged him $81,000 for the medication, Ferguson later found it online for only $750, according to Yahoo News.

Thanks to Ferguson’s insurance, he was able to get the hospital to reduce his bill to $20,227. He was left to pay $5,400 of his own money for his deductible and co-pay.

The hospital, Norman Regional Medical Center, defends what they charged Ferguson, claiming in a statement to the Charlotte Observer that there would not be enough revenue to operate if they charged less.

Due to these complications seen multiple times, North Carolina will have a law in place in June requiring hospitals to list their prices for common procedures, as well as write out their bills in easy-to-understand language.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.



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