North Carolina politician sends resignation letter in Klingon

By Daniel S Levine,

A North Carolina politician decided that he did not want to serve out the rest of his term on the Indian Trail council, so he decided to resign. He obviously didn’t care about being called a geek on his way out the door, since he submitted the letter in Klingon.

David Waddell told The Charlotte Observer that he sent the letter in the language of the famous Star Trek species as part of an inside joke. He did include a translation of his letter from Bing.com. The search engine added a Klingon translator in May.

Unfortunately for him, Mayor Michael Alvarez didn’t consider it a joke and called it an unprofessional move, notes the Associated Press.

“It’s an embarrassment for Indian Trail, and it’s an embarrassment for North Carolina,” Alvarez told the Observer.

Waddell was only in his first term on the council, but will be leaving on Jan. 31. His term wasn’t set to expire until December 2015. He had his reasons for resigning, which were outlined in a letter written in English to his community.

The plumber said that he wasn’t happy with how the board was run and decided that he could have a bigger voice if he attended as a citizen instead. He also wants to run a write-in campaign as a member of the Constitution Party for Kay Hagan’s U.S. Senate seat.

In English, Waddell’s letter read, “Teach (the) city (the) constitution. I will return next time to (witness) victory. Resignation occurs in 2014 the 31st of January. Perhaps today is a good day (to) resign.”

image: Wikimedia Commons



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