Northeast snowstorm kills at least nine

By Michelle Kapusta,

The snowstorm that brought strong winds, frigid temperatures and over two feet of snow to parts of New England, has now been responsible for at least nine deaths.

According to the Associated Press, at least nine people have died in the eastern half of the country after the powerful system blanketed the Northeast.

In New York, a 71-year woman who was suffering from Alzheimer's disease, froze to death after wandering around her home, authorities said.

Police in Pennsylvania said that a salt storage facility worker who was trapped died after a large pile of rock salt fell on and crushed him.

The Weather Channel has reported that over 100 million people in the Midwest and Northeast were affected by the storm and thousands have lost power.

Power outages are a big concern since the freezing temperatures are expected to continue right into the weekend.

The storm also caused busy highways to temporarily shut down and left travelers stranded after airlines across the country were forced to cancel thousands of flights.



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