Northern lights to illuminate skies in certain parts of the US, Canada and the UK

By Gina DiFalco,

Late Tuesday, the sun blasted a robust solar flare, which could cause visible northern lights in northern U.S. states on Thursday.

Joe Kunches, a federal space weather forecaster, announced the blast could expand the Aurora Borealis south, which would allow for Thursday night viewing.

Those living in Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, Seattle and Des Moines and as far south as Colorado and central Illinois could catch the shimmering light show, The AP reports. The northern lights will mostly be aimed towards Canada and the northern part of the U.S.

The lights could also be visible across the UK, The Telegraph reports. Weather permitting, the northern lights could be seen on the coast of northern Ireland, Scotland, but likely not London.

The Earth's magnetic field shake-up is detouring planes around the poles.

Accuweather shows a map of the U.S. states who are likely to see the show, marking the regions as “fair,” “good” or “poor.”

image: Wikimedia Commons



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