Obama listening to Republicans' immigration plan

By Ian O'Brien,

Republicans from the House of Representatives have created a plan to give illegal immigrants a way to gain American citizenship, and President Barack Obama hinted that he may be open to the GOP plan. He also said he would not rule out executive action if Congress fails to strike a deal, though.

According to the New York Times, Obama and Democrats have fought for legislation that would overhaul the immigration system.

Immigration reform has been on hiatus since Republicans voted against a 13-year pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants last summer.

They insist that while this new legislation would grant citizenship to undocumented immigrants, they would still be required to pay back-taxes and fines.

Speaker John Boehner and other House Republicans released a statement saying that the citizenship pathway would not be included, but illegal immigrants could still be granted legal status.

They still haven't said whether these immigrants could obtain green cards through loopholes such as being married or sponsorship from their employers, according to Politico.

Obama has stated that he is optimistic that Congress can get a deal done, and he will give them the next few months to create legislation that reflects their principles.

Photo Courtesy of WikimediaCommons



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