Obama reinforces State of the Union address on the road

By Kyle Lubelski,

President Barack Obama traveled to a Maryland Costco on Wednesday to further his agenda for an increase in minimum wage.

According to USA Today, Obama plans to make stops over the next two days to promote other key aspects of his State of the Union address. These aspects will surely cover issues of the economy, including the raising of the national minimum wage and income inequality.

Using Costco as a platform to reiterate his message is strategically sound, as The Seattle Times reports that Costco was one of the few retailers who came out of the recession with a steady increase in profit. On average, a worker at Costco makes $20.89 an hour, while starting salaries are $11.50 an hour. Obama gave quite the praise to the Issaquah-based company, assuring “higher wages as the smart way to boost productivity and to reduce turnover.”

The president will continued to reinforce similar agendas in Wisconsin and Tennessee on Thursday.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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