Ohio grandmother gags child with soiled underwear

By Michelle Kapusta,

An Ohio grandmother has been charged with some of the most grotesque acts of child abuse.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Karen Sharpe was arrested Wednesday after law enforcement watched cell phone video taken by her granddaughter of the abuse the woman was giving her sibling.

The Associated Press has reported that the video actually shows the 54-year-old woman shoving men's underwear soiled with feces into the 11-year-old girl’s mouth and taping it there.

“The most disgusting, heinous child abuse I’ve ever dealt with,” said detective Sgt. Ed Downs, of the Hocking County sheriff’s office. “I’ve never seen an animal being treated this way.”

No matter what the girl did, she did not deserve anything like this, so it makes it even more sickening that the punishment was for allegedly stepping on her grandmother’s foot.

Police believe that the sisters have been suffering abuse at the hands of the New Straitsville woman for years.

Sharpe faces kidnapping, endangering a child and assault charges. Her bail is set at $1 million.



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