Ohio woman wants to legally change her name to 'Sexy'

By Michelle Kapusta,

An Ohio woman has decided that she wants to legally change her first name to “Sexy.”

According to WXIX, Sheila Crabtree despises her first name, so she wants to change it to Sexy.

The woman loathes the name her parents gave her so much that she is asking a Licking County judge to change it legally.

But why the name Sexy?

"I figured I'm sexy because I have a lot of Victoria's Secret, so go for it. I picked it because I thought it sounded fun," Crabtree told the New York Daily News on Thursday. "I'm very confident and very happy and I'm not trying to make up for anything but an ugly name."

Crabtree says that she has gone by her middle name, Ranea, for years.

"Whenever you have to fill out documents with your legal name, it just killed me," she said.

Judge Robert Hoover is expected to give a decision on the wife and mother of two’s petition soon.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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