Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant gave best performance in game against Golden State Warriors

By Sarah Yu,

Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant performed his best during their home game against the Golden State Warriors on Friday night.

He scored a career high of 54 points in the 127-121 victory over Golden State, USA Today reported.

Golden State’s head coach Mark Jackson commended Durant’s performance and as a professional basketball player.

“He’s a special talent, a superstar basketball player, an all-time great,” Jackson told The Oklahoman.

Durant had to take on a huge role for the Thunder, due to Russell Westbrook being out from an injury, according to USA Today.

As for the defense, there’s not much they can do, especially when Durant is doing well on the court, with his shots.

“You can watch and guard and hope that he misses,” Thunder head coach Scotty Brooks told the Oklahoman. “He was making some tough shots. They were trying to make him miss and he was making tough shots. Just like Curry.”

Durant successfully scored 19 of the 28 shots he attempted, making it his best game as a professional basketball player.

Golden State’s Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson contributed greatly for the team, despite its loss. Curry made 37 points and made six of 10 attempted three-pointers, while Thompson scored 26 points, completing six of nine deep balls, according to the Oklahoman.

Durant’s career high average comes out to 30.6 points a game in this season alone. In the last five games, his average was 36.9 points per game.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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