Olivia Marie Coats, five days old, dies due to forceps delivery

By Amanda Stewart,

Olivia Marie Coats, at five days old, died after a forceps delivery that crushed her skull and caused brain death.

Olivia’s parents have launched a Facebook page to stop the use of forceps in births after it killed their daughter. The Houston Chronicle reports that the parents are trying to get “The Olivia Law” passed in order to make forceps births illegal.

According to ABC News, Allen Coats and Rachel Melancon, Olivia’s parents, will be suing the obstetrician, but not the hospital.

"We're not mad at hospital, this is not their fault. It is one man's fault," Angie Coats, Olivia's grandmother told ABC. "We only want justice for Olivia; we want the person responsible, which is the doctor. We don't want the hospital being shunned. The hospital is great. The nurses were wonderful. It's not their fault."

Olivia’s mother requested a C-section, but her OBGYN advised her against it. Doctors have two methods when faced with an assisted birth, forceps or a vacuum.

In 2012, 3.4 percent of births were assisted births. Forceps are used in less than one percent of these births.

The family hopes to get the law passed in order to save lives of children in the future.



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