Oscar-nominated actress Juanita Moore dies at 99

By Kyle Johnson,

Oscar-nominated actress Juanita Moore passed away on Tuesday at the age of 99. Her step-grandson, Kirk Kahn, confirmed her passing. She is also survived by two nephews.

Moore is best known for being nominated for supporting actress in the 1959 movie Imitation of Life, reports Variety. In the film, based off the Fannie Hurst novel, she played the housekeeper whose own daughter could pass as white.

Kahn said she was still helping him with his preparing for acting roles noting, "She didn't candy-coat it for you. She said, 'If you're no good, the play's no good.'"

According to People, Moore, who was the fifth African-American ever nominated for an Oscar, has appeared in over 30 films during her career. She always remembered her role in Imitation the most.

In a 2005 interview, the actress said that she liked the role because it was something other than just her "opening doors for white people."

Moore admitted that she was quite nervous during her filming and said that it lead to her crying a lot, but the director, Douglas Sirk, would wait until she was ready to go again. Though, she noted, her role did require some tears, so she had no problems for those scenes.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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