Overcrowded Indian boat capsizes in the Andaman Sea, kills 21

By Michelle Kapusta,

Officials say 21 people are dead after an overcrowded Indian tourist boat capsized in the Andaman Sea on Sunday afternoon.

According to the Associated Press, police said Monday that the boat, Aqua Marine, may have hit a rock before it went down.

Many of the people on board drowned when the boat sunk, but the Indian air force and coast guard were able to rescue 29 people from the water, authorities said.

BBC News has reported that most of the people who were on board the boat are believed to be Indians from Tamil Nadu and Mumbai.

The Andaman Sea is to the southeast of the Bay of Bengal, south of Burma and west of Thailand.

India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh "expressed shock over the boat tragedy," his office said in a statement.

The AP notes that government officials have said that the Aqua Marine was carrying double its capacity and they have received reports that none of the passengers aboard had life jackets.

One person still remains unaccounted for.



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