Pakistan awards teen, who died stopping suicide bomber, the Star of Bravery

By Kyle Johnson,

Aitzaz Hasan, who died on Monday while preventing a suicide bomber from destroying his school in Hangu, Pakistan, will be awarded the Star of Bravery.

According to the Associated Press, the Pakistan prime minister made the announcement on Friday that the teenager was to be praised for his bravery and be presented with the highest civil honor.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Hasan's "brave act saved the lives of hundreds of students and established a sterling example of gallantry and patriotism."

Hasan's small town of Hangu sits in an area that often sees sectarian violence as it is next to Pakistan's tribal areas, reports CNN.

Some in the town have begun comparing Hasan with activist Malala Yousafzai, with one Hangu resident, Nawaz Khan, saying, "He saved the lives of hundreds of students. He deserves more recognition than Malala."

Voice of America notes that Yousafzai is also honoring Hasan and said she will be donating $5,000 (roughly 500,000 rupees) to his family.



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