Paleo diet last on 'Best Diets Overall' in US News and World Report

By Amanda Stewart,

U.S. News and World Report ranked the rather popular Paleo diet last on its “Best Diets Overall” for 2014.

According to CNN, the News and World Report gets a panel of experts to rank the most popular diets. This year experts took a look at 32 trending diets.

The Best Diets of 2014 has profiles of each diet, which includes how the diet works, nutritional information, foods available for each diet and evidence both refuting and supporting claims.

According to PR Newswire, the top three “Best Overall Diets” were the DASH diet, TLC Diet and the Mediterranean Diet. This is the fourth year in a row that the DASH diet was named number one.

In order for a diet to be ranked at the top the diet must meet a list of criteria. The diet must be easy to follow, nutritious, help with weight loss as well as protect against heart disease and diabetes.

The Paleo diet first became popular in the '70s. It asked those who chose to follow it to shadow a diet that people who lived during the Paleolithic era followed. People who chose to follow this would eat a lot of animal protein and no grains, sugar or dairy.

Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and the Biggest Loser diets were all named top three for Best Weight Loss Diets.

To find out more about the diet ranking for 2014, or find a diet for yourself visit The US News and World Report Best Diet Rankings.

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Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.



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