Panel says federal judge sent hundreds of racist emails

By Michelle Kapusta,

A federal judicial panel that investigated a former U.S. District judge for a racist email, found that the judge had in fact sent hundreds of bigoted emails during his term.

According to the Associated Press, former Montana Judge Richard Cebull actually sent hundreds of racist emails from his own federal email account.

The Billings Gazette has reported that the 9th Circuit Council's March 2013 order reprimanding Cebull was released for the first time Friday by the Judicial Conference of the United States.

The emails the judge sent to his personal contacts mocked everything from faith to race to political views.

Even more serious, the AP notes that some of the emails related to issues that could have come before the judge in his court, although there is no evidence that any of his rulings were biased.

Other emails referred to President Barack Obama and his family members negatively. Cebull has since apologized for those emails.

The judge retired just weeks after the council’s order.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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