Panic! At The Disco musical in the works

By Alyssa Jean,

Panic! At The Disco fans are rejoicing as a new musical based off of their favorite hits has been confirmed. Panic! The Musical, as it is called, is currently developing as a new workshop musical that will hopefully bring the rock music of Panic! At The Disco to the Broadway stage.

According to Broadwayworld.com, the musical will revolve around a character named Andi Witko who spirals into revolt after meeting the edgy and corrupt ways of Oliver Murphy. Songs from all of their past albums will be present in the musical score including “Ready To Go” and “This is Gospel." The directorial team incorporates the talents of Evan Lovelace as the choreographer, Craig Petrocelli as the music director and features musical arrangements by Brandon Austin.

Alter The Press sat down with creators Alexis Acar and Christina Rose Sabia to discuss the making of the new musical. Acar said that the idea actually came to mind when she was only 13 or 14 years of age. Now years later, Acar went through the music of their four albums and compiled a list of viable songs and identified a story that could coincide with the popular melodies. Sabia then came into the picture by writing the story of the two main characters in which Acar said she “fell in love” with their story.

Broadway has welcomed ideas and concepts similar to the kind with the opening of American Idiot. Based off of Green Day’s thriving and emotional music, American Idiot tells the story of two star-crossed lovers who eventually find their way into adulthood. Green Day’s Broadway musical has since closed on Broadway but has been touring in international and national Broadway tours since.

Panic! The Musical hopes to have the same success, however, the support of the band is a must for the project to continue. With a killer score, fans can only hope with the utmost of confidence that this new musical will kick off soon!

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