Paramore's Hayley Williams creates her own line of hair dye

By Amy Michura,
Her Inspiration

Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams said she plans to release her own brand of hair dye, although she later clarified her statements on her blog.

Williams discussed her fashion favorites at the moment in an interview with Nylon magazine. When asked about her inspirations, she said, “Right now, I am incredibly inspired by the force that is Manic Panic.”

Known for her eccentric orange hair color, Williams also revealed her plans of her own hair dye line.

“My goal for 2014 is to get the hair color line I’ve always dreamed of creating,” she told the magazine. “I came up with the name years ago and finally made the decision to start working on it last summer.”

On Jan. 20, Williams took to her Tumblr to clarify details about the line saying, “…The rumor that I am teaming up with Manic Panic to do it is not true."

She continued, "Their dyes are rad and the company as a whole is a massive source of inspiration for me. Don’t want Manic Panic folks thinking that I’m using their name to get ahead.. Awkward!”

She also stressed that her line will be 100 percent her vision. So be on the lookout this year for fun wild hair colors.

Photo Courtesy of Nylon



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