‘Parenthood’ Recap - ‘Promises’

By Andrew Wilson,

Natalie walks in on Drew and Amy playing cards. She quickly says "Hi" and leaves. Drew explains Natalie is just a friend.

Carl asks Sarah to go to a charity event with him. Sarah states that she doesn’t want it to be a date, and again states she doesn’t want to sleep with him again. Carl explains she’s just a “plus 1”. She agrees and quickly closes the door on him.

Ed stops Julia as she’s picking up the kids from school. He says that he just wants to apologize, and doesn’t want it to be awkward at the upcoming school charity event. Ed states though that he thought she was leading him on. She says “No” and quickly leaves.

Max goes to Hank’s studio and states he wants to develop the last pictures he took. Hank tells Max that he can’t do it today, he has to do a reshoot for a client. Max throws a tantrum, calling Hank a liar, stating that he promised he would develop his pictures today. Max throws a lens across the room and runs out. Hank runs after him, all the way to his house, where Kristina and Adam try to explain to Hank that Max sometimes throws tantrums like this.
Still living the bachelor lifestyle, Zeek lets dishes pile up, and has pretty much run out of food to eat. He shaves and puts on a nice shirt to give the appearance that he is doing fine when he talks to Camilla via Skype. She tells him one of her friends there has a villa and she wants to stay another week. She tells him to think about it and let her know.

Sarah tries on dresses at Crosby and Jasmine’s house. Jasmine Googles Carl and they find out that he is a doctor, and the charity event is for his charity.

Adam goes to Hank’s studio and apologizes for Max’s tantrum. Hank is more concerned that Max is OK rather than the tantrum. Adam gives Hank a book on Aspergers, hoping that it may help Hank understand more about Max’s behaviors.

Zeek goes to a diner to get something to eat and a man sitting near him at the counter tries to make small talk with him. Annoyed, Zeek tells him he just wants to be left alone to do his crossword puzzle.

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