‘Parenthood’ Recap - ‘Stay A Little Longer’

By Andrew Wilson,

In the wake of Joel telling Ed to stay away from Julia at the school fundraiser, a group of moms gather around gossiping about Joel and Julia’s relationship at school. Julia drops the kids off at school and confronts the group about talking about her.

Carl talks to Sarah about an ad campaign for his friend that owns a company Surf Sport. Carl talked Sarah up about her photography and landed her an interview.

Oliver Rome goes to Crosby’s house and asks to stay with him for a couple days due to a fight with his band mates. Jasmine is not happy about the idea but Crosby tells Oliver he can stay a few days.

Max sits in his classroom working on a project when his Dad comes in and tells him he’s 20 minutes late to meet him in the parking lot. On their way out, Adam says hi to Max’s friend Mica but Mica completely ignores him, prompting Adam to ask Max what is going on between the two. Max states they are no longer friends anymore.

Ryan shows up at Amber’s as she is packing up his stuff. Amber is miffed because he showed up half an hour early, and she wasn’t planning on being there. She abruptly tells him to get the rest of this stuff and leave the key. Ryan tries to talk with Amber and tells her he may not see him before he goes but she leaves anyway.

Adam talks to Kristina about Mica and Max not being friends. Kristina wants to talk with Mica’s parents but Adam advises against it, and says he’ll try to get to the bottom of the actual problem.

Crosby’s family, and Oliver, have dinner and Oliver is inspired to write but Crosby asks what is going on with the band. Oliver tries to explain that the rest of the band don’t understand that this is more than just making a record.

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