‘Parenthood’ Recap - ‘You’ve Got Mold’

By Andrew Wilson,

During Max’s history class, he raises his hand to comment on a topic his teacher is discussing. Unfortunately, Max doesn’t know when to stop talking and the teacher sends him to the library.

Sarah tells Hank that she wants to do the photos for Surf City at the beach, but Hank tries to sway her against it, telling her the studio is a better place and less unpredictable.

Zeek and Camille set up a Wi-Fi system in the house so she can take her classes online. Zeek isn’t happy with the idea of “cancer beams” going through the house.
Still wanting to make a difference, Kristina talks to a mother needing help to go over paperwork for her child with special needs. Kristina even agrees, against Adam’s advice, to meet with her.

Sitting down with a counselor, Joel and Julia talk about the best way to tell the kids about Joel moving out. The counselor asks if this is permanent, and leading to a divorce. Julia says no, but Joel is not so sure.

Crosby and his family are waiting outside their home as an inspector is looking at water damage that should have been looked at earlier. “Congratulations, you’ve got mold,” the man says and Crosby and his family have to figure out where to live while it gets fixed.

They all go to the Luncheonette and Crosby begins to look at their insurance coverage. Crosby asks Adam to help him look at the policy and soon realize Crosby is not getting any money to cover the damage or temporary relocation. Adam suggests going to their parents’ house but Crosby says that’s out of the question.

Kristina goes to coffee with the mother she spoke to on the phone. The woman has a stack of paperwork to go through, and knowing it will be a lot of work, Kristina suggests they start to go over it.

Carl drops by Sarah’s to pick up a package. He sees Sarah is working on her layout for Surf City and is really impressed. She tells him that it may be completely different because she is having Hank help her out, and he’s suggesting doing much of it in the studio. She says she might be in over her head. Carl tells her she may not be over her head, just out of her comfort zone. He reminds her too that it was her vision that won the client and beat out Hank for the job.

Watching the kids getting along, Joel and Julia don’t have the heart to talk to the kids about Joel moving out, and decide to put it off until the next day.

Camille is outside painting, and taking a class online, watching it on an iPad. Zeek comes up and comments on Camille has a large spread of food and wine as well. She states the teacher suggested having a relaxed and creative environment. As he’s walking away, Zeek looks at her and smiles.

Adam drops Max off at school and Max rambles about the likely hood of him getting sent to the library for history. Max only briefly explains that he is being sent away to the library by his teacher, and leaves before Adam can get specifics.

Hank is setting up the studio for the beach themed shoot but Sarah tells him that she’s the boss, and she wants to do it at the beach. Hank tries to tell her that he has the experience and knows what he’s doing. Sarah refuses and Hank, frustrated, walks off.

Since their insurance won’t cover them staying in a nice hotel, Crosby and his family are in a small motel. Jasmine is not happy about it and Crosby says it will only be for a few days, and to not worry about it. Jabbar gets dressed to go to the pool when Crosby gets a call from the workers telling him it’s going to take longer than they thought.

Joel talks to Julia and they decide to tell Sydney and Victor when they get home from school. Julia pleads with Joel to stay but Joel says he can’t.

Kristina goes with the mother to the school where the daughter goes to, to advocate more help for the girl at school. They don’t really get anywhere and Kristina feels helpless.

Kristina tells Adam what happened in the meeting, and Adam tells her what is happening with Max. Upset and ready to fight with the school, Adam advises he’s already set up a meeting with Max’s history teacher.

Working in the dark room, Max talks to Hank about Hank thinking Sarah’s idea to shoot at the beach is a mistake. Max states that his Aunt Sarah will do a good job, and that Hank lost the job to her idea. Max then starts to talk about the railroad system President Lincoln helped put together.

Julia comes home with the kids to find Joel sitting in the living room. They tell Sydney and Victor about Joel moving out. Both kids start crying and Sydney holds onto her Dad.

Hank goes to Sarah’s and says he’s ready to help her out with the shoot at the beach.

Kristina and Adam talk to Max’s teacher, and Principle. The Principle states that they’ve been seeing an awful lot of each other, and only offers that his best is to try and get Max in a different history class. Kristina says his best isn’t good enough.

Zeek talks to Camille about how lonely it was not having her their when she was away. He realizes all the sacrifices she’s made for him and the kids over the years, and also states this is the happiest he’s ever seen her. He agrees to sell the house.

Looking over their finances, Jasmine ultimately makes the decision that it is going to cost them too much to stay at the motel for the two months need to fix the house. She states that they need to live with Crosby’s parents.

Joel leaves, not really saying much of a good-bye to Julia. Sad, Joel takes a long look at the house before he drives off.

Sarah’s shoot at the beach goes really well. As she’s taking the final pictures, Hank, after some nudging, says she did a good job, and they should celebrate with a drink.

Kristina advises that Max got into a different history class but they both realize it’s a temporary fix to a long term problem. Understanding that Max can’t go to a public school, and debating a private school that can give him what he needs, Kristina has the idea that maybe they should start a school of their own.

Zeek and Camille greet Crosby and his family, saying it will be nice to have some kids around.

At the same time, Sydney and Victor go to their Mom’s room and tell her they don’t feel well. Not really knowing what to do, Julia tells them to get dressed.

Julia brings the kids over to her parent’s house. Crosby and Jasmine take the kids to their rooms, leaving Julia to talk to her parents. She tells them that Joel has left, and starts crying. They go over and hug her, and Julia states she didn’t know what else to do “but come home.”

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