Paul Walker's character to be retired in 'Fast and Furious 7'

By Chris Howcroft,

The newest film in The Fast and the Furious franchise was delayed until 2015 after the tragic death of Paul Walker on November 30. The production of the film was delayed for several weeks while everyone was dealing with Walker’s passing as well as Universal executives and producers trying to decide what was next for the franchise.

Huffington Post is reporting that the plan is to “retire” Walker’s character in the film and give his character a proper send off. It was thought that Brian O’Connor, the character Walker has portrayed in five of the six films in the franchise, would be killed off, but director of the new film James Wan is going in a different direction.

The Hollywood Reporter talks about how director Wan and the studio are going to use existing footage of Walker, including the scenes he had already filmed for the upcoming movie. Screenwriter Chris Morgan is going to add additional scenes that will help explain Walker’s exit. Walker was said to have had a major role in the new film, so this new alternative for the character will help explain his “retirement” from the franchise.

Vin Diesel was the first to break the news of Walker being in the new film as well as the film’s new release date. The release date for the new film will be April 20, 2015. Diesel posted the release date as well as a picture of himself with Walker during the final scene that they filmed together.

Photo courtesy of: Universal



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