Pay TV giant BSkyB, cell-phone provider Vodafone considering alliance

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

BSkyB and telcom giant Vodafone are looking at new options to make sports and movies differently available to U.K. viewers. The two companies are considering a broadband alliance.

"A logical development could be for BSkyB and Vodafone to bundle each other’s products together," Jeffries analyst Jerry Dellis told The Hollywood Reporter. "Consumers could be offered BSkyB triple-play together with Vodafone 4G mobile at a discount to the sum of their respective prices."

At this time, representatives at BSkyB and Vodafone do not have much to say. News of a potential deal was first reported by The Sunday Times.

The pay TV company BSkyB is responsible for presenting quality television shows and sporting events. BSkyB has had some formidable partners in the past. Vodafone, a cell phone company, offers its 4G customers access to live soccer, cricket, and rugby events using Sky Sports Mobile TV.

As competition increases, executives keep considering whether bundling BSkyB and Vodafone will be most favorable. In the past, BSkyB’s market shares have depreciated in value. According to Variety, BSkyB shares have lost more than $2.46 billion of their value since November, when telco BT won a bid to show European Champions League soccer matches.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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