'Peter Pan' actor proposes to Wendy actress at end of the show

By Alyssa Jean,

For all of those hopeless romantics and fairytale aficionados, the story of Peter Pan and his love, Wendy, is nothing new. However, at a performance of the widely beloved tale, an actor playing Peter Pan stopped the show in order to surprise his real life Wendy.

According to The Huffington Post, at a performance in Glasgow, Scotland, actor Sandor Sturbl, who plays Peter Pan in the production, stopped the show to propose to his long-time girlfriend and co-star. Lily-Jane Young plays Wendy in the production, which only adds to the romantic essence of the fabled and now actual love story.

Young expressed her surprise to Daily Record saying, “We were just about to sing our final song of the night when the music suddenly stopped. I thought it was a technical hitch and was staring to panic when Sandor turned to the audience and said, ‘Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is usually the moment when Peter Pan gives Wendy a kiss. Lilly-Jane is the love of my life.'”

Young immediately gushed tears of happiness and surprise as she went on to say, "I couldn’t believe it. I said, ‘Yes’ straight away and all of the audience started clapping.”

Young’s entire family had been in the audience the entire night during what seemed like just another night of performing. Sturbl had secretly organized for the family to be present during what he knew would be a magical night.

The actor also wanted to ensure that the proposal take place in the hometown of his hopefully future fiancé. After watching this heartfelt video, it is safe to say that magic truly does exist.

image: screenshot



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