Phoenix man killed son with ax on New Year’s Eve

By Daniel S Levine,

A Phoenix man admitted to police that he his 13-year-old son with an axe on New Year’s Eve. The man said he believed his son was a demon and would eat him, police said.

Phoenix police Sgt. Steve Martos told KNXV-TV that police were called to a home on 3:45 p.m. by the boy’s mother. She called police when Gary Sherrill, her ex-husband with whom she shares custody, had not dropped their son, David, off at her home.

Sherrill first told officers that David was not home, but he did let officers come into his home after they asked a few more questions. Martos said that they saw the boy’s body and he was already dead. There were visible stab wounds and cuts all over his body.

Sherrill eventually decided to confess to police, explaining that he feared his son would eat him and was a demon. Sherrill’s neighbors also told KNXV that he was acting strange recently, with one saying that he was yelling at a tree.

According to The Associated Press, it is not known if he has a lawyer yet, but he will be in court several times this month. He has been charged with first degree murder.


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