Young girl gets plastic surgery to end bullying

By Amanda Stewart,

Renata, 15, has been home schooled for three years because of bullying. The Little Baby Face Foundation of New York is helping Renata with a facial reconstruction surgery.

According to Top News, The Little Baby Face Foundation has been helping children with facial deformities by giving them plastic surgery for free. Recently the foundation asked many children whether they were teased about the way that they looked or not. Renata was a child that responded yes.

Renata says that she used to think she was fine the way that she looked, but then other children began to pick on her about her “big nose” and she couldn’t take it any longer. According to Politix Renata was treated for a deviated septum and lopsided face in her surgery.

Little Baby Face Foundation president, Dr. Thomas Romo, said, “We can’t go after the bully, but we can try to empower the children.” The surgeries have been controversial because many say it affirms that looks are more important than what is on the inside.

However Renata’s mother said that this is not the case. "I dont think it's sending the wrong message - (Renata) still sees what she sees in the mirror and it has an affect on her self esteem and confidence regardless of what anyone says," she said. "Unfortunately, people are judged on how they look."

After undergoing surgery Renata feels like a new person. “I feel happy and I feel confident, and I feel like I don’t have to hide myself anymore.”



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