President Obama's approval rating hits new low before State of the Union address

By Ian O'Brien,

President Barack Obama's approval rating currently sits at 46, which marks his lowest ever approval rating before giving a State of the Union address.

Obama's 46 approval rating comes from a Washington Post-ABC News poll, according to JournalGazette. This is still higher than his all-time low, which was 42 in November after the Affordable Care Act rollout was botched.

Obama's current approval rating is similar to the one previous president George W. Bush had in the middle of his second term.

This marks the first time Obama has had a negative approval rating before a State of the Union address. Fifty percent of Americans disapprove of the job Obama is doing.

Congress has even more disapproval from Americans. Twenty-seven percent approve of the Democrats' job performance while 72 percent disapprove. Only 19 percent approve of Republicans' performance while 80 percent disapprove.

According to the Associated Press, Obama plans to focus his State of the Union address on the economy, with broad themes of opportunity, action and optimism.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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