‘Pretty Little Liars’ Best Moment: The Kiss of Death

By Alyssa Jean,

In this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, the high-action series began with a controversial confrontation between Mona and Aria as Aria’s little brother, Mike, threw an unapproved party at the Montgomery household. After the awkward reunion, Aria learns that Mona has actually befriend her baby brother, as they later through a type of support group organized by the new and quite attractive guidance counselor named Jesse. Mona and Mike later share a rather overly gentle kiss.

Emily and Spencer still have not resolved their issues regarding last episode’s meeting with Ali. Emily still believes that Ali will never reach out to her again due to Spencer’s inconvenient interruption and is constantly in a state of paranoia. However, in a timely manner, Emily’s father returned home worried about her and her mother’s well-being, although we find out later in the episode that he has actually returned from service due to undiagnosed heart problems.

Hannah seems to have gotten over Caleb and has oddly enough taken over Spencer’s role of the investigative bookworm. All the while, Spencer has switched gears and somewhat seduces her “study buddy” to give her a “study aid” probably otherwise known as Adderall. This is not the Spencer we know and kind of love! But we could get used to this new Hannah right?

However, Aria seems to be shedding a new skin as well. The angst filled teenager held no apprehension in confronting Ezra’s ex-girlfriend and thought to be baby mama, Maggie. The heated conflict over Malcom ended with a gentle tug between Aria and Maggie as a box of Malcom and Maggie’s things shattered to the ground. A rightfully embarrassed Aria then apologizes before leaving the scene. This is suddenly getting a little too weird to me and I’m not quite sure if I like this new change of character in ALL of the girls.

Although filled with stimulating scenarios and great moments, this week’s best moment of Pretty Little Liars was: The Kiss of Death. Okay so the name sounds a little dramatic but when Hannah was basically drugged in order for an eerie message from “A” to be surgically placed in her mouth, I just about lost it. First of all, why was the giant needle approaching Hannah’s lifeless mouth even necessary? I mean, I know it was necessary but it freaked me out to the point of anxiety. Second of all, the message in-and-of itself was terrifying. “Dead girls can’t smile” is all I needed to see before a blanket was completely masking the television screen.

Another notable moment in the show was Spencer’s realization and possible theory that Ali’s story “Love and Death” was actually about Ezra Fitz. The two were at the Heart and The Huntsman pub where the mystery man, now thought to be Ezra, ordered specifically beer and boysenberry pie. Cleverly enough, upon investigating Spencer finds Ezra at the club chowing down on some nice tart boysenberry pie with a beer later delivered following his departure. Did they finally crack the code? Or was it just Hannah’s teeth that ended up being cracked?

So the craziness that ensued in this episode undoubtedly left many questions. Was Ezra the mystery man? Why was Mike kissing Mona? Is Emily’s father going to be okay? Who drugged Hannah? Who are the girls turning into? And finally, who is “A”?

Image: ABC



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