Princess Cristina is innocent by way of love for husband, says lawyer

By Alicia Mayle,

Princess Cristina, suspected of tax and money laundering, is innocent of any wrongdoing by way of being in love with her husband, her lawyer said. Her love means that she implicitly trusts him and isn't at fault.

Her husband, Inaki Urdangararin, former Olympic handball player, has been under investigation since 2011 for allegedly embezzling money. According to AFP, the Princess’ lawyer claims that she should be cleared of any charges because, "The princess's innocence comes obviously from her faith in the marriage and the love for her husband.”

Once before, Judge Castro summoned Cristina in the spring of 2013 over suspicion that she was linked to her husband’s corruption scandal.

Judge Castro announced that he would be looking into her taxes and bank account information before having her brought in as a suspect. Her lawyers planned to appeal, however if they lost the appeal, it would have been a landmark in Spain’s history because of the close relation to King Juan Carlos.

According to Euro News, her law firm made the statement: “Her Royal Highness has decided to renounce her right to appeal … and to appear voluntarily before the judge, adding that she absolutely and firmly disagrees with the charges.”

Cristina and Urdangararin are owners of Aizoon, which is also being investigated by Castro for suspicion of embezzling funds.

Photo Courtesy of WikiMedia Commons



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