Ready for Hillary 'super PAC' raised over $4 million in 2013

By Funke Oyelade,

While the election for the next president is two years away, one “super PAC” is already raising money for a person they hope will run in the 2016 election, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The L.A. Times reported a super PAC, called Ready for Hillary, announced that it raised more than $4 million in 2013. While Clinton has not stated whether or not she will run in the next election, this group is arming themselves with donations to give.

According to CNN, the organization began in 2013 after Clinton stepped down from her Secretary of State position, which is currently held by John Kerry.

Ready for Hillary limits its contributions to $25,000 per person and 98 percent of the contributions were $100 or less. The organization consists of some people who aided Clinton in her 2008 election campaign against then U.S. Senator Barack Obama.

The group has held events in different states as well in order to raise money for Clinton’s campaign, if she decides to run. The executive director of the organization Adam Parkhomenko, who worked on Clinton’s previous campaign, gave a statement.

“We have exceeded our goals and are ahead of schedule in raising the funds necessary to build a grass-roots army that can be activated the moment Hillary makes a decision. This movement is unprecedented – not because of our staff but because of our supporters – and we will continue to build capacity across the country to put Hillary in the strongest position possible should she decide to run.”

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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