'Real Housewives of Atlanta' - episode 11 recap

By TracyJane,
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Sunday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was all about new houses and old gossip.

The episode started off with Phaedra visiting Kandi at her home. After a quick chat about how skeptical Kandi is of Phaedra's renewed relationship with NeNe, the conversation turns to Kandi and Phaedra's mutual ex-boyfriend, Chuck.

Phaedra recounts the story of how she and NeNe were hanging out with Chuck when he brought up the fact that both of the ladies were "on his team" back in their younger days, how they were just two of many and they really didn't mean anything to him. Both of the ladies scoff at this story and ask why Chuck is even bringing up the past in the first place. Kandi wonders if Chuck is making up these stories and embellishing the truth to try and gain fame off of their names. In the end, they decide that he's not worth talking about anymore.

Next we move on to Cynthia and her sister Malorie looking at pieces from Malorie's new jewelry line. Cynthia tries on a few bracelets and admires them on her wrist. She tells her sister that she's going to throw her a trunk show in order to promote the jewelry and introduce her to some bigger buyers. The conversation turns to Peter and Cynthia's marriage troubles. While they are chatting, Peter walks in and they let him in on the subject of their talk. Peter tells Malorie that his problem isn't with her, it's with the lack of communication his wife has with him. Cynthia tries to defend herself by bringing up the fact that Peter isn't as touchy feely or romantic as he once was; so she doesn't feel as close to him. During this conversation, Malorie acts as a mediator. She defends each of their points and also stops them when they are going too far out on a tangent.

The scene quickly switches to Kenya picking up her father, Ronald, from the airport. From the moment he hops into the car he has a sarcastic attitude towards everything in Kenya's life. First he teases her about her dry skin, then he teases her about the neighborhood she lives in, finally he questions her decorating ability saying that he would never have hardwood floors in his house. Kenya finally gets him to shut up and sit down when she tells him that she wants to resolve her estranged relationship with her mother. Her father lets out a chuckle and says it'll never happen. Kenya questions what happened back then and how her dad let her mom off the hook when it came to raising her. Her dad explains that it was a different time and having a baby out of wedlock was horrible.

We next see Porsha leaving a mediation conference room with her lawyer. They take a seat in her lawyer's office and discuss the fact that she and estranged husband Kordell had no prenuptial agreement and can come to no agreement, so they must go to court. Her lawyer also tells her that she doesn't look down and out and neither does Kordell, so it will be hard to convince a judge to give either of them alimony. Porsha complains that she wants retribution for putting her life on hold for the past few years to focus on taking care of her husband and his child. Her lawyer assures her that he will try his best to get that for her.

Switching to Kandi, we see her and her fiancé, Todd, discussing the musical she is putting together based on her life. Todd is concerned that they don't know enough about musicals and they'll end up tarnishing their names by doing it badly. Kandi insists that they can accomplish anything as long as they are ready to put in hard work. It's at this time that Todd drops the news that he has a new job offer. This offer will take him around the world to different locations for the next 6 months. Kandi begins to cry because she believes that the job is an excuse to get away from her and all of the drama her family is causing between the two of them. Todd assures her that if they are meant to be, then they will work out the distant and remain together.

When we are brought back from the commercial, we see that Cynthia and NeNe are visiting Kenya at her home. They question Kenya about the Bentley in her driveway and she claims her African Prince boyfriend bought it for her. Both Cynthia and NeNe seem skeptical of this but drop the subject. The conversation continues with Kenya's dad weighing in with his opinion of women. He states that "a woman can't tell me what to do" and "it's either my way or no way" in a relationship. NeNe laughs at that and tells him it's a good thing that he was never in a relationship with her. Kenya's father leaves the room and the girls change the subject. They make fun of Kandi for thinking she can create a musical having never done it before. Kenya asks if NeNe will guest star in the musical and NeNe answers with a definite no.

We see another visit in the next scene. Kandi and Phaedra are stopping by Porsha's new house. Once the girls are seated at the breakfast bar in the kitchen and Porsha is cuddling Phaedra's infant son, the girls kid Porsha about how far outside the city she lives. Kandi states that it took them an hour to drive all the way out there. Porsha answers that she likes the peace and quiet she gets from living out that far. Phaedra asks how big the house is. Porsha tells them that it's around 8000 square feet. Both of the ladies wonder why Porsha needs such a big place and what a waste of money it is to lease something like that. Eventually they drop that subject and move onto Porsha's divorce. Porsha tells them that she has spoken to Kordell and he gave her an ultimatum. He said that she can drop the whole divorce and come home to live with him, but if she chooses not to do that then the divorce continues full steam ahead. He refuses to talk about their issues or to slow the divorce down. Porsha tells them that she has made up her mind and that she's ready to go to court.

We've made it to the trunk show that Cynthia is throwing for her sister Malorie's jewelry line. Things seem a little unorganized and thrown together even as the guests begin to arrive. Luckily, no one seems to notice and all of the girls chat amongst themselves as they begin to try on the bracelets. The entire episode's conversations are rehashed as the girls chat about Porsha's new neighborhood, Kandi's play, and Malorie’s visit to Cynthia and Peter’s house. Things start to get interesting when Kenya arrives and is introduced to Malorie. They end up getting into a heated conversation about Kenya stepping into family business and giving opinions that aren't wanted. Before this fight gets too hot, NeNe makes her entrance and it isn't long before she is in the center of the drama. Word gets out that Porsha has moved to NeNe's neighborhood, but kept it a secret from NeNe. Immediately, NeNe complains that Porsha is a bad friend. She says a good friend would've text or called telling her about the move or asking about the neighborhood. NeNe thinks that Porsha never reaches out unless she needs comfort. Upon hearing this, Porsha storms out of the party. Cynthia chases after her and finds her in the hallway crying. She keeps calling out that she "can't deal" and threatens to leave. NeNe follows them and confronts Porsha. She tells her that she is always there for Porsha but not once has Porsha asked about NeNe or offered to be there for her.

Continuing to cry, Porsha explains that she is very needy right now and she's not used to the feeling. She's always the pleaser, but the divorce has thrown her off. Meanwhile, the scene cuts back to the party with Kenya screaming that Porsha needs to stop and grow up. In the talking head portion of the scene, we see Kenya accuse Porsha of milking her divorce for attention. Finally fed up, Kenya storms out of the jewelry party. Moving back to Porsha and NeNe, NeNe decides to squash it for the moment telling Porsha that they are OK for now and they will deal with the rest later. Porsha accepts this and decides to go back to the party with NeNe as the episode comes to a close.

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