Recap of 'Hawaii Five-0,' season four, episode 12

By Cheryl Hollar,
'O Kela Me Keia Manawa' (Now and Then)

The episode began in a bar, where the owner, Jack Anderson, was watching a news segment about a gift of 100 bullet-proof vests to the police department. The bartender commented to Anderson that he just couldn’t stop giving his money away. Anderson was then distracted from the TV by a bar fight, which he broke up.

As the bar closed, and Anderson bid the bartender good night, then found the two guys from the fight waiting for him near his truck. A fight – and the theme song – began.

The next scene was in Vancouver, where Kono walked into a restaurant kitchen and found Adam. She told him it was safe to go back home, that everyone seeking them had been killed or arrested.

The following scene on the attack showed Chin and McGarrett discussing the body of a man with a knife in his chest. The body had been found by the bartender the morning after the attack. The second man, along with Anderson, were nowhere to be found. A police officer brought Anderson’s cell phone, which was found in a nearby dumpster, to McGarrett. Anderson’s presumed wife, Bridgette, plus one other caller had been trying to reach Anderson. When McGarrett called the unknown number, it turned out to be that of Captain Grover, who was strangely at the scene.

It turned out that Grover had met Anderson at a charity event several months back, and the two had become good friends. Grover said Anderson was a good man.

Chin tracked down the other attacker in the hospital, severely injured in a beating. When McGarrett and Grover went to visit him, he told them that Anderson went berserk on them, attacking them both, killing his partner and seriously hurting him.

Chin also revealed to Grover and McGarrett that Jack Anderson’s real name was Jack Mitchell. He was wanted by the FBI for a 1993 armed robbery, where he drove the getaway car. In his flight from the scene, he had wrecked the car and killed a newlywed, Jessica Haley, who was driving home from work.
McGarrett and Grover visited Anderson’s wife and discovered she knew nothing. However, the couple’s two sons told McGarrett that their father had returned home while their mother was sleeping. He had taken some camping gear. Anderson’s wife told McGarrett and Grover that Anderson liked to camp at the ‘Ewa Forest Reserve.

Meanwhile, Chin checked out the attackers’ apartment and found $10,000 plus photos of Anderson. They were watching Anderson. Their encounter was not by chance. These men were not attackers at all. They were hit men.

Chin returned to the hospital to try to get the attacker to tell who hired him. He was reluctant to talk, until Chin offered him a minimum security deal where he might get to see his children grow up. He told Chin they were hired by Matt Haley, Jessica’s husband. Chin and Duke subsequently arrested Matt.

McGarrett and Grover, at ‘Ewa Forest Reserve, were on the hunt for Anderson. They split up, and Anderson got the jump on Grover. When McGarrett made a sound and Anderson turned, Grover pinned him to the ground and handcuffed him. McGarrett and Grover then took Anderson home to say goodbye to his wife and kids. Anderson wanted to make one more stop. That stop was to Five-0 Headquarters, where Anderson apologized to Matt.

The last scene was Grace and Danny arriving at McGarrett’s house, where Grover had made chili for everyone. As they gathered around to get a bowl of chili, Kono walked in with Adam. Everyone hugged them and welcomed them back home.

image: CBS



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