17-year-old created malware for Target breach (Report)

By Michelle Kapusta,

A 17-year-old is believed to have created the malware used in the major breach that affected millions of Target and Neiman Marcus consumers.

A new report from IntelCrawler says the teenager used a malware known as BlackPOS for the attacks and created the first sample in March of 2013.

The company states that the first name of the malware was a lyric “Kaptoxa,” which is a Russian slang word and possibly one reason why authorities believe the hackers are from there.

However, WFXT in Boston notes that the teen who used the malware is from the Ukraine.

Target’s breach last month happened at the height of the holiday shopping season and the company said that almost 70 million consumers had their personal information stolen.

Neiman Marcus also dealt with a similar attack on its customers. The retailer has not given a number on how many were affected in that breach.

The Los Angeles-based cyber intelligence company also believes that more security breaches may be revealed soon.



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